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Truncate and the Eastbound Trilogy

I’m excited to announce the publication of Quest for Safe Haven. It joins book one, Western Apprehension, as book two of what is the Eastbound trilogy. Book three, Sojourned, will be released later this year. I wasn’t intending to make a series from Western Apprehension, but the friction between two minor characters, the attorney Fred Winkelman and his spouse Maggie, caught my attention as the subject of a fascinating sequel.


My first book, Truncate, I published ten years ago. It's Victorian suspense novel having to do with the legal opium market in late Victorian London just before the 20th century. An unsuspecting rising pharmaceutical executive is marked for termination by a rival clandestine drug syndicate. The story chronicles his efforts to survive while dealing with a host of complications.

My second novel, Western Apprehension, published in late 2018 deals with a veteran US Marshall in the New Mexico Territory in the 1880's. He's nearing retirement which he's reluctant to take. While dealing with this issue and his love interest, who urges him to retire and wed her, an unexpected life/death situation develops from a routine prisoner transfer. The swirl of events that follow finally compels him to make a final decision should he survive.

The saga that makes up the trilogy starts in the American southwest in the 1880's. It continues eastward into the upper Midwest which is the setting for Quest for Safe Haven. It will end in London in the forth coming book, Sojourned. The time period remains within the 1880's through the 1890's. Sojourned will have a number of surprises including one that links the protagonist to Truncate where he first appears as a secondary character.

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