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Truncate and the Eastbound Trilogy

In the final book, Sojournsof the Eastbound trilogy, the troubled lives of Maggie Schmitz and Frank Hollister enter another critical phase. The unfinished business between the two protagonists takes unexpected twists and turns as fate unexpectedly brings them together after many years of separation.

This is the suspenseful conclusion to the stirring saga of desperate escape by a brave heroine from America’s heartland from misery, violence, murder, and a deadly vendetta.  Her flight propels her through the landscape of two continents during the last two decades of the Victorian era.

Frank Hollister, a later entry co-protagonist, was introduced as an expatriate bodyguard living in London in the mystery/suspense novel Truncate. He reprises his role in the Eastbound trilogy. In Eastbound, his background and his romantic and protective relationship with Maggie come to light.

Sojourns is the stirring conclusion to the Eastbound trilogy.  In book one, Western Apprehension, Maggie Schmitz is introduced as the mistreated spouse living in an American frontier town in the New Mexico Territory.  Her attorney husband is abusive. She takes the courageous step of leaving him to start anew with her children. Book two, Quest for Safe Haven, chronicles her desperate struggle to free herself from his grip. Circumstances provide the stage entrance for Frank Hollister who quickly becomes enamored by her natural charm.  Unfortunately, a climatic event causes them to go their separate ways. In book three, Sojourns, she embarks on an overseas opportunity to end her grief-stricken journey in life. Independently, the same venture also presents Frank Hollister with a resolution to his pining soul and restless spirit. Fate unexpectedly brings them together in rural central England. As reunited expatriates, they struggle to overcome the daunting challenges hurled at them far from their American Midwest homeland.

The Eastbound Trilogy has been an exciting undertaking. It's a sweeping epic that moves eastward starting in the late 19th century, covering America's Gilded Age and England's late Victorian era. From its unassuming beginning in the American southwest, the momentum builds as the saga winds its way through America's heartland, to the steel town of Pittsburgh, to the verdant hills in central Victorian England—an interesting approach to the traditional westward migration that characterizes American history and folklore.

Enjoy the culmination of this trilogy that takes you through multiple genres to tell its epic tale.

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