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Michael Toledano, a skilled storyteller, weaves historical tapestries in his novels, immersing readers in the intriguing worlds of the late nineteenth century. His previous works, including the Victorian London thriller Truncate, which delves into a clandestine opium syndicate's pursuit of eliminating their main competitor, and the American Southwest adventure Western Apprehension, where characters are on a relentless hunt for vicious fugitives, showcase Toledano's meticulous research and narrative prowess.

In Western Apprehension (now Book 1), two captivating characters emerge, leading the narrative into the American Gilded Age and the late Victorian era. Their compelling tale becomes the foundation for the Eastbound Trilogy, setting the stage for conflict and drama.

Quest for Safe Haven (Book 2) unfolds Maggie's story, a gripping quest for sanctuary against a backdrop of looming danger from her homicidal estranged spouse. Readers are drawn into a suspenseful journey filled with twists and turns as she navigates the threats to her and her family.

The trilogy concludes with Sojourns (Book 3), an exhilarating finale where Maggie and Frank Hollister unexpectedly cross paths in the picturesque central England hill country. Here, amidst an array of conflicts, they must confront challenges head-on to bring an end to their lifelong sojourns.

Experience Michael Toledano's masterful storytelling as he transports you through time and space in the Eastbound Trilogy, a gripping exploration of love, danger, and resilience.

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